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#136 – Jimmy Murray Takes Your Property Management Knowledge to the Next Level

#135 – Amber Miller’s 8 Tips to Find the Perfect House to Flip

#134 How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing with only $20K – Antoine Martel

#133 The One Question Cliff Hayden Asks Sellers to Maximize Profits

#132 How to be a W2 Capitalist with Jay Helms

#131 Michael Becker’s Multi-Family Investing Strategies

#130 AJ Osborne – Passive Income Saved His Family When He Became Paralyzed

#129 Scaling Up Mobile Home Park Investing with Andrew Keel

#128 Create a WIN-WIN-WIN through Rentovations with Anne Amagrande

#127 Jeff Stephens: A Sleaze-free Real Estate Entrepreneur

#126 Insider Tips for Breaking into the Vacation Rental Industry – Rob Stephens

#125 Ryan Narus – How to Invest in Mobile Home Parks the Right Way

#124 $45K Profit on His First Deal – Bill Allen – Pilot Turned Flipper

#123 How Saeed Ghaffari’s Networking Earned Him 400% ROI

#122 John Casmon – How the Right Neighborhood Can Double the Value of Your Investment

#121 Gain a Competitive Edge in your Investing with Dan Schwartz’s Strategies

#120 How Zach Beach Gets Three Paydays on Each Deal He Makes

#119 Living and Investing in Paradise: Will Mitchell Made it Big Offshore Investing in Belize

#118 How Tax Sale Expert Casey Denman’s Patience Bought Him $20 Properties

#117 How Marco Santarelli Bought 84 Units in One Year

#116 – Missing Out on $325K Profit Shaped Abhi Golhar’s Investment Strategies

#115 Gena Lofton: Homeless Foster Child Turned Financially Free Woman

#114 Andrea Arciga Shares Raw and Real Lessons in Profits

#113: Iris Veneracion Makes Over $200K on Her Best Deal of 2018

#112 – Karen Ford – Nurse Turned Real Estate Investor Makes 100% ROI

#111 – Chris Prefontaine Makes $75k Average on Every Deal

#110 – How to FLIP Deals Part 4 of 4 by Holly McKhann

#109 – How to FIX Deals Part 3 of 4 by Holly McKhann

#108 – How to FINANCE Deals Part 2 of 4 by Holly McKhann

#107 – How to FIND Deals Part 1 of 4 by Holly McKhann

#106 – Andy Teasley makes 50% yields using his formula

#105 – $150K Wholesale Fee – Tony Diaz’s Best Deal Ever

#104 – Daniel Ameduri started flipping at age 18!

#103 – Legally Blind Wholesaler Tony Escobedo Generates $40k Wholesale Deal from Networking

#102 – $131K Profit on ONE deal with Jonathan Johnson and Savannah McBride

#101 – Making Creative Deals in Orange County, CA

#100 – Lessons Learned from Three of my Recent Deals

#99 – Making smarter not harder deals with Daniel Breslin 

#98 – Tax coach puts more CASH back in your pocket – Craig Cody

#97 – Dream and achieve big: the power of passive income with RJ Bates

#96 – Take control of your life with real estate investing – Matt Theriault

#95 – Tom Cafarella flips 100 homes a year and has 300 rentals

#94 – Side hustle investing in USA from Barcelona with Billy Keels

#93 – Blake Stevens -5o deals by asking for help and learning from free resources

#92 – Huge success at 25 years old! Joe Demaras on being mentored to super success

#91 – Rich Lennon, “collector of real estate” teaches how Podio can automate your business

#90 – Elia Luti come from Italy to pursue the American Dream

#89 – Dave Torres quit his job and does 30+ deals a year now

#88 – $8 motivated seller leads from Facebook Marketing with Grant Wise

#87 – Making $15k/mo with Airbnb. Zeona McIntyre

#86 – DJ Scruggs- From a tech career in the corporate world to multifamily real estate investing

#85 – Big returns in multi-family investing with Anthony Charra

#84 – Robert Campbell holds the authority when it comes to real estate timing and market trends

#83 – Starting with a $100 property purchase to becoming a master of Creative Financing with investor Adam Adams

#82 –  60 deals his first year with Steven Pesavento

#81 –  Creative deals without any of his own money with Adam Rae

#80 –  How important bookkeeping is for investors with Kirk and Joni Yates

#79 –  $120k wholesale deal from a facebook ad with Stephanie Betters

#78 – NFL player Mark Dennis turned flipper and wholesaler

#77 – Real Estate Investor Don Costa’s story of hitting rock bottom and rising up again

#076 – How a W2 Employee Can Make it Big in the World of Real Estate Investing

#075 – How Scott Trench became “Set for Life” through real estate investing

#074 – Jack & Jill- This dynamic duo investing couple sheds light on a highly lucrative real estate niche- raw land

#073 – Mark Podolsky- This “happily unemployable” investing pioneer shares his secrets to creating a cash machine and obtaining passive income with raw land

#072 – Mike Cowper – From a corporate world salesman to a flipping and wholesaling powerhouse

#071 Corey Thompson – Big Time Investing in Small Town Texas

#070 Dr. Kenyon Meadows’ rental investment strategy as a side passion to being an oncologist

#069 $60k On His First Deal with Anson Young

#068 $40k, $60k, $100k! Jamie Wooley’s deals just get better and better!

#067 Making huge ROI in postcard marketing with Barry Coziahr

#066 How Jay Conner Raised $2M in 90 Days After Being Cut Off From The Banks

#065 Airforce pilot with side hustle of real estate investing with Zach Arandsee

#064 Do I really need branding as a real estate investor with Sharon Vornholt

#063 From Prison to 8 Figure revenue, Ryan Stewman made it back from the lowest of lows.

#062 How to Sound like a PRO when you’re new by Holly McKhann.

#061 Holly gives an inside look into her recent seller negotiations.

#060 Edna Keep, a single mom at 16 still reached financial freedom against all odds.

#059 Syd and Julie Chase’s journey of flipping over 400 houses.

#058 Matt Owens tells us what kind of entity to start and when to do it.

#057 Tyler Sheff catapulted his investing career when he got fed up paying taxes

#056 Clayton Morris of Fox and Friends teaches us his Financial Freedom Formula