Who is Hard Hat Holly?

About Me

Hi! I’m Holly and I’ve done over 200 fix and flips in Southern California with my husband, Scott. I began my career as a CPA, working for Ernst & Young, and also earned an MBA in finance. After 5 years of full-time accounting work I “took a break” and had four kids LOL. I focused on them full time until the baby started school, at which point I jumped into real estate investing with my husband in 2008.

Scott and I worked together in the business, and he was great at running a team to buy homes at trustee sales, commonly called “the courthouse steps” here in Southern California. After buying our first 100 houses at auctions, that opportunity dried up. We had to adapt or die, so I started networking for deals with realtors and every day people I encountered in my life.
I have bought over 100 homes with no money spent on direct mail- just making friends and providing value to others. We currently hold and self-manage long term rentals in Southern California as well as a transitional living facility. I am a licensed, active realtor, and I love helping buyers and sellers, bringing my HUGE house flipping experience to bring extra value to my clients.
I have been married 25 years (yes to the same man) and my four kids are now in high school and college. I am blessed to live in the beautiful vacation-like beach town of Dana Point, California, where I LOVE to paddle board when I can tear myself away from my work.