#000 My journey into real estate investing
On this episode of Secrets to Real Estate Investing host Holly McKhann shares her journey into real estate investing. Holly is excited to share her knowledge and experience about real estate investing journey that she has experienced in the past 7 years. Real estate investing has allowed for Holly’s husband to quit his job in the corporate world and had afforded Holly with not having to go back to work in corporate world. Holly has set out to do this podcast so that she and her guests can share their various experience and education with listeners who are interested in starting the journey to real estate investing. 

Holly asks why do you want to start in real estate investing? Is it for freedom? Financial freedom, lifestyle freedom? Whatever it is Holly is ready to help guide you and help to get you educated. Holly will have various guests; lawyers, realtors, investors, bankers, etc. will all be on the show to help listeners learn the ins and outs of real estate investing and the multiple facets of the business. All of the guests will help to guide you on a personal or professional path and they are happy to help and share their journeys. 

Topics that Holly will cover are house flipping, land lording, raising capital, investing, how to invest with various types of funding, etc. Holly says that real estate investing has allowed her and her husband to pay for 4 college educations for their children because real estate investments have a lot of tax free incentives. 

Holly and her husband have purchased over 200 homes in Southern California; they’ve dealt with remodels, water damage, fire damage, they’ve added and removed rooms from homes, in all of the years that she has been in real estate investing Holly has seen all sorts of homes in her flip journey and she has even built homes from the ground up. 

Holly has an accounting degree and worked as a CPA for 5 years right out of school. Holly mostly dealt with taxes which she says has really been helpful in understanding taxes and other financial situations that her flips encounter. Holly’s husband’s background is in civil engineering, he worked for various different cities before he started working for home builders. This is how he got into real estate because he really loved being apart of all of it when he was a civil engineer. Holly and her husband were married 11 weeks after they met and they bonded over house flipping right off the bat. Holly says that when she had her first child she quit her job in the corporate world and when her first youngest started kindergarten she started getting involved with real estate; she started with bookkeeping. At that time her husband had successfully completed one land flip that allowed her husband to quit his job. With the money that they made from land they went to a seminar on mobile home flipping and decided to get into the business and purchased their first place in Moreno Valley. While this first deal wasn’t the perfect deal she said that it was definitely a learning experience but they decided to stick with it and they kept on their real estate journey.

Holly shares how her and her husband did their first 100 houses and how when things got tough with investing how she turned to networking to help find deals through relationships. Holly also shares some of the financial strategies that they have used to get homes. In 2014, Holly decided to get her real estate license when they started to get a lot of deals from wholesalers. She decided to do this so that she could get in there and gain some extra commission on the deals that she was interested in.

Holly is excited to bring the best experts to you to discuss the topics that matter most to, you, the listeners. If you have any topics that you would like to hear discussed do not hesitate to email your requests in to Holly. 

Holly started this podcast so that you can see that it is possible to do this business with little to no education in the public or private systems, this podcast will show you people who have had great success in the real estate business even when they thought that things might not work out for them initially. 

Holly challenges you to take action now and get an accountability partner and let them know everyday what you are doing and what you want to get completed for that day and have them help to keep you on track. 
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