#107 - How to FIND Deals Part 1 of 4 by Holly McKhann
On this special episode of “The Secrets to Real Estate Investing”, Holly shares the very first step to flipping a house: FINDING the deal. In this four part podcast series, Holly explains the steps to completing a deal. This is the perfect opportunity to start taking action towards your first or next flip.

Holly found and bought her first 100 houses on the courthouse steps. Once those deals dried up, she found a new strategy and has found over 125 deals from networking.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- Three networking techniques that have worked over and over again for Holly
- How to set yourself up as the solution to people’s problems
- How to leverage the networks you already have, and get out there and find more
- The power of follow up and maintaining relationships

Free download: Holly’s Secrets to Finding Deals document lists many more ideas to getting started networking and finding deals without spending marketing $$.

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