#115 Gena Lofton: Homeless Foster Child Turned Financially Free Woman
Gena Lofton joins us today on “Secrets to Real Estate Investing” with Holly McKhann. Gena Lofton is the founder of Accredited 2 Accredited. She was a homeless foster kid, but ended up with an MBA and a career at Ernst and Young. Today she is financially free and owns 4,000 apartment units, a Hilton resort, Assisted living facilities, oil and gas ventures, junior mining, technology, and telecommunication assets. She is the author of Escape the Madness, The 10 Steps to Get Out of the Rat Race

In this episode you will learn:
 - How to be smart with real estate investing while pursuing a career
 - How you can buy the right asset at the right time
 - What happened in the housing bubble (Gena had a front row seat to the crash)
 - How to think about taxes and debt
 - How to minimize risk of losing so much money in bad investments

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