#125 Ryan Narus - How to Invest in Mobile Home Parks the Right Way
Today we have Ryan Narus on Secrets to Real Estate Investing with Holly McKhann. Ryan woke up one day and decided he needed to get out of corporate america and escape his sales job. Forty banks said no to his first deal, but he learned valuable lessons. He says investors do not need to hit a home run on their first deal, just get started. 

What you’ll learn from this episode:
- Why you should know the submarkets for each area you are investing in
- How to customize your marketing strategy for rentals
- How to build trust with tenants to bring in more tenants
- How to create a great community within mobile home parks

Free Download: Ryan’s Due Diligence Template. Know what to check and double check if you’re going to invest in mobile home parks. Get it by filling out the form on this page or by texting the word “hardhat” to 38470.

Contact Ryan Narus: www.archimedesgrp.com

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