#056 Clayton Morris of Fox and Friends teaches us his Financial Freedom Formula
Clayton Morris started his career as a local news anchor, living all over the US making little income and creating more and more debt for his family. It was the all too familiar story of being deeply unsatisfied that you’re paying off somebody else’s mortgage while you dig yourself deeper into debt. In this episode, we will discover how Clayton got started in real estate investing and how he found his unique path. Clayton’s bread and butter are single family buy and holds. He looks for them below market, in areas with steady average incomes, and solid population growth. He stresses that these seemingly boring and methodical strategies are what leads to financial freedom, not emotional involvement or the “Shiny Object Syndrome.” Find out exactly what lead Clayton to financial freedom in today’s inspiring episode!

On this episode, you’ll learn…

- The power of passive income and the impact it can have on your life
- Why you should go after ROI and NOT the emotional aspect of buying real estate
- Why you should allow tenants to treat your property as their own
- Shiny Object Syndrome and how to avoid this and stay laser focused
- How to avoid Analysis Paralysis
- Understanding what lifestyle is for you and why you start with this end in mind first
- Why he loves the SFR with its built in diversification
- What he does with the appliances in his rentals
- What is your Freedom Number and how to find it

Contact Clayton at www.MorrisInvest.com
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