#057 Tyler Sheff catapulted his investing career when he got fed up paying taxes
Florida real estate investor Tyler Sheff has been a realtor, a police officer, and a merchant mariner for the National Weather Service. Like many of us, he was paying more and more of his hard earned money to the taxman every year. He knew there had to be a better way...Tyler researched and researched, hired the smartest accountant he could find, and discovered the beauty of real estate tax exemptions and passive income losses. Tyler has been a flipper, wholesaler, and buy & hold investor. Today, his preferred strategy is buy & holds, which he does in his home state of Florida and Memphis, Tennessee. Cash flow is his main objective and small multi families are his very favorite type of investment.  

On this episode you will learn…

If you invest the way the IRS wants us to invest, by holding onto property and providing housing to others, you can almost completely eliminate your tax bill  
Why multi family is Tyler’s preferred strategy for stable cash flow and mitigation of risk
How he significantly increases his monthly cash flow through short-term rentals
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