#061 Holly gives an inside look into her recent seller negotiations.
In today’s episode of The Secrets to Real Estate Investing, we meet the woman herself, real estate investor, agent, and CPA, Holly McKhann. Today we get the opportunity to dive a bit deeper into the mind of our fearless leader. Holly, as our listeners know, is a fix and flip investor and master networker and relationship builder. Relationship building is truly a gift of her’s and one of her strongest assets. Holly has purchased over 100 homes through networking alone, without a dollar spent on direct mail or any other similar form of marketing. Join us for today’s inspiring episode to find out how this successful business woman with her abundance of people skills, teaches others the best tips, tricks and techniques for meeting with sellers, something every investor can improve upon!

In this episode, you’ll learn…

~ Holly’s top three tips for meeting with sellers. Hint: Less talking more listening!
~ Techniques she has learned from other masters, Dale Carnegie and Bruce Norris
~ The most impactful questions that you can ask potential sellers, with three real life examples

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