#062 How to Sound like a PRO when you're new by Holly McKhann.
In today’s episode of The Secrets to Real Estate Investing, we again meet with the woman herself, Holly McKhann. Today we get the chance to learn all about building confidence as you are starting your real estate investing journey. Holly has learned numerous tips and tricks throughout her prolific investing career that will help our listeners with creating this confidence. She teaches us how this can help with interacting with sellers, hard money lenders, and real estate agents. Holly purchased over 100 properties at auction before being pushed out by the hedge funds. She then had to rely on her strengths, which were networking and relationship building. Join us for today’s exciting episode to find out how this confidence and experience enables Holly to make her offers the most attractive to her sellers, and therefore get the best deals.
In this episode, you’ll learn about…
~ How to be aware and be prepared to build legitimacy and trust in your business dealings
~ How to figure out key components of the RPA and essentials of the EMD
~ How to navigate the often confusing waters of inspection, loan, and appraisal contingencies
~ The importance of acting with integrity at all times
~ Entities and whether or not one is right for you

Episode resources and how to contact Holly

Join Holly’s Facebook private group, Hard Hat Holly’s Real Estate Investing Team where you can share ideas, ask for help, and network with like minded investors.

Holly is offering her mini-course which will give her listeners knowledge of tons of real estate terminology and jargon. This will entail a 200+ term PDF download and a full hour of five videos where she shares her stories and examples to give you the confidence to sound like a PRO! The price is only $5! Find it at HardHatHolly.com/PRO and as always feel free to email Holly with questions or comments at anytime.

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