#063 From Prison to 8 Figure revenue, Ryan Stewman made it back from the lowest of lows.
In today’s episode of The Secrets to Real Estate Investing, our listeners will get the amazing opportunity to get to know Texas real estate investor, Ryan Stewman. This bad-ass Texan’s real estate journey is an especially unique one. Ryan epitomizes what it means to be a true man of action, starting out in the car wash hustle, then learning the ropes of the mortgage business, to spending 18 months in prison, then clawing his way back into the mortgage game. Ryan makes owning six businesses and being a best selling author look easy. Join us for today’s exciting episode to find out how this inspiring man has built an 8 figure empire from almost nothing.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

How to make your money work for you
~ How to make big things happen with Ryan’s actionable steps
~ Ryan’s method of speaking with sellers and doing what is right by all
~ Ryan’s strategy of buying properties at the courthouse steps
~ Episode resources and how to contact Ryan

Ryan also hosts a successful podcast, The THC Podcast (The Hardcore Closer). It can be found at CloserPodcasts.com where you can find information on marketing, motivation and selling yourself.

Finally, our listeners should check out ElevatorToTheTop.com - this is Ryan’s paperback best seller which includes everything about sales, scripts, closing techniques, etc.

This week’s free download will be a PDF of Ryan Stewman’s book, “Kick Ass- Take Names, Emails, and Phone Numbers.”

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