#064 Do I really need branding as a real estate investor with Sharon Vornholt
In today’s episode of The Secrets to Real Estate Investing, we get the opportunity to dive deep into the mind of real estate investor, wholesaler, podcaster, educator and blogger, Sharon Vornholt. This incredibly successful woman started out in the home inspection business in 1991. It was in the trenches of this industry where she got the chance to network with real estate agents and investors, getting a taste of what financial freedom was all about. Sharon doesn’t hold anything back today as she shares with our listeners the many tips and tricks that she has amassed over her many years of real estate investing. Sharon is particularly knowledgeable when it comes to marketing, branding and the importance of building a persona for your unique business. Join us for today’s highly informative episode to find out how this amazing business woman has been a trailblazer in general and especially for women in this competitive world of real estate investing.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

- The differences between using yellow letters vs professional letters for your marketing pieces, and how to set yourself apart by showcasing your particular expertise
- The importance of having multiple exit strategies for any investment
- How to figure out who your target market is
- Why having a strong web presence is paramount to any marketing plan
- Why you should have 3-5 marketing channels working for you at any given time
- Episode resources and how to contact Sharon

You can find Sharon at www.REIMarketingMastery.com - This is a 2 day workshop on marketing for real estate investors. This hands on workshop is a small group event which focuses on creating marketing plans based on budget and interests.

Sharon also has a successful podcast called, “Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing” where she discusses investing strategies, marketing, networking, and all things real estate.

Sharon’s Brand Assessment - a checklist of sorts for all of the channels you should be involved in for effective content marketing

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Sharon’s blog can be found at: https://louisvillegalsrealestateblog.com
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