#074 - Jack & Jill- This dynamic duo investing couple sheds light on a highly lucrative real estate niche- raw land
In this episode of The Secrets to Real Estate Investing with Hard Hat Holly, we’re excited to talk with two incredibly talented investors, Jack Butala and Jill DeWit. Today’s guests started investing in the late 90s, selling their first property on eBay and doubling their money! They have since acquired over 16,000 properties and often make $100k per deal! They share many secrets to their success and why, in this business, you must look for a problem situation first, not necessarily a problem property. They enjoy tremendous wholesaling success with strategies involving raw land, ranches, mobile home lots, vacation lots and acreage lots. In 2015, they released www.LandInvestors.com and created The Land Academy to give back to the land investment community. Hundreds of their members do deals together daily creating better lives for themselves and their families. This episode is sure to blow your mind with both education and entertainment, so sit back and enjoy the show! 

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

- The often overlooked benefits and advantages to being a female salesperson
- How to give your buyers great deals so you’ll have buyers for life
- Credibility and how to be an ethical business person
- Direct mail campaigns and “micro mailers”
- Mobile home investing 
- The challenges of working with one’s spouse!

How to contact Jack & Jill

Website: Online community: www.LandInvestors.com  
                Land Selling site: www.LandPin.com
                Education: www.LandAcademy.com Listeners can start here with a free membership. The site gives you access to free assessor’s data and many other valuable resources!

Podcast: The Jack & Jill Show, www.JackJill.com 

For our free download of the week, Jack & Jill have generously given our listeners their ebook, “$10,000 a Month for Life; Cash Flow from Land,” which tells their unique investing story and provides a roadmap to success. Thanks so much for sharing, guys!

Listen to the podcast here at … www.hardhatholly.com/74

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