#075 - How Scott Trench became “Set for Life” through real estate investing
In this episode of “The Secrets to Real Estate Investing” with Hard Hat Holly, we get the opportunity to sit down with one of our youngest guests ever, Scott Trench. This mover and shaker knew soon after graduating from college that he didn’t want to be chained to a cubicle for the rest of his life. He didn’t want to spend his days making somebody else rich and making their dreams come true. After a lot of self-educating, Scott discovered the concept of financial freedom and set out to achieve this lofty goal. Through various methods such as frugality, house hacking, wise investing, and taking advantage of FHA low down payment opportunities, this inspirational young man has discovered how one can truly escape the need for wage paying work and replace it with passive income. He has since written his first book, “Set For Life,” where he teaches the average American middle income wage earner to achieve financial freedom in just 3-5 years. This can be accomplished with the brilliant tips and tactics that he discovered himself on this inspirational journey. Today he will share with our listeners many of the simple yet powerful techniques we all can use to increase our income, massively reduce our expenses, achieve financial freedom and live the life of our dreams!

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

- How house hacking can catapult you towards the life of your dreams
- How you can save ⅓ of your salary by house hacking alone
- Taking advantage of the FHA low down payment program to help you get in the game
- How to avoid rookie landlord mistakes
- Why relationship building can be paramount to the success of your business
- The benefits of buy & hold investing and market timing
- How one can achieve up to $40,000 per year in passive income in just 3-5 years!

How to contact Scott Trench

Scott can be found all over the Bigger Pockets site, contributing highly educational blog posts on all topics related to real estate investing. Check them out! Amazing content there that all investors, newbies and seasoned pros alike, can benefit from.

Scott’s Bigger Pockets profile page can be found here….

For our free download of the week, Scott has so generously offered our listeners the intro to his fabulous new book, “Set For Life.” Our listeners would be wise to go out and get your hands on a copy as soon as you can, as there is so much invaluable information there for any type of real estate investor. Really such a great read! Thanks so much for sharing, Scott!

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