#076 - How a W2 Employee Can Make it Big in the World of Real Estate Investing 
In today’s information packed episode of “The Secrets to Real Estate Investing”, we get the opportunity to meet young Lane Kawaoka, an engineer, real estate investor, blogger and podcaster. Like so many Americans, Lane started out on your typical, linear path. Go to a good university, get a good job, work 50 plus hours a week, and save up for that primary residence in the best neighborhood in your city. Lane soon realized that this would never be the path to financial freedom and independence. After becoming an accidental landlord and experiencing great returns with this strategy, Lane officially caught the real estate bug and, after educating himself in all things real estate, he eventually discovered turn key rentals. This particular niche ended up being the perfect passive investment strategy for him, as he most definitely prefers to be a cash flow investor. Listen today to find out what Lane’s take is on the ever popular cash flow vs. appreciation debate and why one should NOT quit their day job. Join us for today’s exciting episode to discover how this man has made real estate a highly lucrative side hustle while maintaining his W2 career.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

- Why B and C class neighborhoods are your sweet spot for rental investments
- Why investing in secondary markets is more advantageous if you would like to follow the 1% rule 
- The merits of keeping your full time job and why keeping your W2 income is a great and critical             strategy for acquiring more rental properties
- Lane’s best practices for being a landlord
- Why Lane believes SFRs are not scaleable, and why he loves to invest in larger multi-family                 properties
- Investing in multi-family apartment syndicates

How to contact Lane Kawaoka

Here you will find his podcast and blog:

www.SimplePassiveCashFlow.com or find the podcast on iTunes here… 

Email: Lane@SimplePassiveCashFlow.com 

Also, please check out The Simple Passive Cash Flow secret Facebook group - a great networking source!

Lane has so generously offered our listeners a spreadsheet of turn-key property providers that he has personally vetted.

Thanks so much for sharing, Lane!

Listen to the podcast here at … www.hardhatholly.com/76

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