#79 -  $120k wholesale deal from a facebook ad with Stephanie Betters
In this episode of The Secrets to Real Estate Investing with Hard Hat Holly, we’re excited to talk with super woman and “Facebook Queen,” Stephanie Betters. Stephanie and her husband Zachary got married right after college and, with very little money, decided to buy a foreclosed home and do a live-in flip. This first deal taught them how to renovate a home properly and they were subsequently bitten by the real estate bug. Ten years later, they now live in Charlotte, North Carolina with their three children and an enviable real estate empire. Stephanie still works full time as a nurse practitioner, a career that she absolutely loves. This year, her real estate business is on track to do over 40 deals, employs 12 people, and the couple has increased their income by 800 times!!! Stephanie generously shares with our listeners how exactly she does it - from her tightened systems, to hiring the right people, to creating a hands off real estate machine. Join us today as we dive deep on this and her wealth of knowledge when it comes to the power of Facebook advertising. This episode is sure to blow your mind with education and crucial social media information, so sit back and enjoy the show! 

In this episode, you’ll learn about…

● Delegation, creating systems, and hiring the right people to create a truly hands off business
● Using Facebook ads to find sellers and learning about your potential sellers’ online behavior such as they type of transactions that they’re engaging in
● Why social media IS the internet
● Presenting your brand in the most effective and most highly targeted way so that you can be in front of your audience ALL of the time
● Retargeting campaigns
● Why Facebook is the new frontier for real estate investors and why relevancy is the most important aspect

How to contact Stephanie :

Website: www.socialmediaREI.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BettersHomes 
Email: stephanie@socialmediaREI.com  

For our free download of the week, Stephanie has generously given our listeners a cheat sheet that will educate you on common themes for your real estate Facebook business page. This invaluable sheet can serve as your blueprint for what, when, and how to post. Thanks so much for sharing, Stephanie! Listen to the podcast here at …  www.hardhatholly.com/79

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