#80 -  How important bookkeeping is for investors with Kirk and Joni Yates
In this episode of The Secrets to Real Estate Investing with Hard Hat Holly, we’re excited to talk with superstar bookkeepers, Kirk and Joni Yates. These two aren’t your average bookkeepers, their knowledge lies in not only helping real estate investors keep their businesses kosher, but they can actually help you propel it forward. Kirk and Joni provide the boots on the ground assistance in your business everyday, which will save you unnecessary stress, aggravation, tons of money, and TIME. One could then use this valuable gained time to go out and find more deals (!) instead of getting lost in the weeds of your business. Join us today as we dive deep with these bookkeeper extraordinaires as they provide some much needed insight into an otherwise dreaded topic. If you are looking for a bookkeeper that understands how real estate and real estate investing works, and one who can actually propel your business forward, look no further than this dynamic duo! 

In this episode, you’ll learn…

● How to reconcile your bank accounts and the importance of keeping personal and business accounts as separate as possible
● Simple ways to protect your business from lawsuits 
● Why it is paramount that you learn to properly read your settlement statements (HUD-1) as much of this will be tax deductible write-offs 
● Why you should keep every receipt, track expenses by property, and what software and apps are the best tools for this 
 ● Tips on keeping your flipping and wholesaling businesses separate to see which is more profitable and what your return on investment is per project. This will give you valuable insight to create a more efficiently run business. 

 How to contact Kirk and Joni 

For our free download of the week, Kirk and Joni have generously given our listeners a two page PDF full of invaluable tips on bookkeeping for real estate investors. ALSO, if you think that Kirk and Joni would be a good addition to your real estate team, you can go to their website, REIbooksonline.com , sign up for a free consultation, then receive 50% off your first month! Just use the code, Holly, and start saving! Thanks so much for sharing, guys! Listen to the podcast here at …  www.hardhatholly.com/80

As always, text “hardhat” to 38470 to receive this free download as well as past downloads and to get weekly notifications of upcoming podcasts.

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