#009 Top Lead Generation ideas with Danny Johnson.
Danny Johnson has been flipping homes for 13 years and is from San Antonio, Texas. He has 5 kids from ages 4 to 24. He started flipping to gain financial freedom as most investors do.

He helped his father who was a contractor when he was a teenager, and then majored in computer science in college. He worked as a software engineer while he flipped homes on the side, doing so for 3 years before he finally quit his day job.

You can read about Danny’s personal experiences in his Flipping Houses Exposed book which you can download at www.FlippingJunkie.com

He shared that typical numbers are 100 calls from sellers lead to 10 offers which lead to 1 deal. He says his conversion rate is about 14% due to his excellent marketing, pre qualifying, and closing skills.

His personal website is www.DannyBuysHouses.com which you can check out to see how he markets to sellers. You can buy a website from him for your own marketing at www.LeadPropeller.com

He advises to ensure that your website includes testimonials to speak of your trustworthiness and performance.

His latest project is www.REIMobile.com which includes a follow up system for investors to track seller leads, which is so important since many deals are completed after months or even years after the initial contact.

Danny’s best advice for a new investor is to give your efforts and system time to work. Don’t quit. For a seasoned investor he recommends to grow your team. Know that other people can do things as well if not better than you, like buying houses from sellers.

You can see what your website looks like on various devices at www.mobiletest.me for free. Make sure your site’s mobile friendly, as Danny sees most of leads coming from mobile devices. Of course if you use his lead propeller site he takes care of that for you.
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